Séminaire en direction des partenaires de la chaire NoRDF :

Argumentation Mining: Challenges and Opportunities in Detecting Fallacious Reasoning
Par Mme Oana Balalau, Inria Starting Faculty, chercheuse dans l’équipe CEDAR à l’Inria Saclay.

In this talk, we will first introduce the field of argumentation mining, together with its importance and applications. We will follow with an in-depth discussion about the task of detecting incorrect arguments, also known as fallacies. An argument contains a claim to prove, evidence statements, and a relation between the claim and the evidence. In fallacious arguments, the evidence does not prove or disprove the claim; e.g., in an « ad hominem » argument, the claim is declared false because the person making the claim has some character flaw. We will present two recent papers, the first one on the influence of fallacies on political forums in the context of propaganda and the second one on how to improve fallacy classification. We will conclude with exciting new work directions, the first one as part of the NoRDF project and the second one as a collaboration with Wikidébats (fr.wikidebates.org), a collaborative platform for debates on controversial topics. 

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