The latest version of “YAGO – knowledge base”, the largest public knowledge base for general use, is available on YAGO 4.5 and features a much richer taxonomy.

Led by Professor Fabian Suchanek since 2017, this Wikidata-based project is a simplified, cleaned-up and “sensible” version and refines the data as follows:

  1. All entity and property identifiers are human-readable.
  2. Top-level classes come from – a standard repository of classes and properties maintained by Google and others. The lower-level classes are a careful selection from the Wikidata taxonomy.
  3. Properties are from
  4. YAGO 4.5 contains semantic constraints in the form of SHACL. These constraints keep the data clean and allow logical reasoning on YAGO.

Professor Suchanek received the 2022 Open Science Research Data Awards, supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, for his software YAGO.