The NoRDF chair’s first academic workshop focuses on :


Fabian Suchanek : Explainable reasoning on natural language text

NoRDF project

  • Zacchary Sadeddine (PhD Student) : Semantic analysis of text
  • Pierre-Henri Paris  (Postdoctoral researcher) : Vague and non-named entites
  • Simon Coumes (PhD Student): Reasoning on contexts with Qiana
  • Chadi Helwe (PhD Student) : Neuro-symbolic reasoning and Fallacy detection
  • Lihu Chen (PhD Student) : Entity disambiguation
  • Cyril Chhun (PhD Student) : Story evaluation

Deep Learning

  • Nedeljko Radulović (PhD Student):  Posthoc explanations for deep learning models
  • Tom Calamai (PhD Student) : Short presentation on the subject of the thesis

Rule Mining