We are hiring interns on Natural Language Processing!

We are hiring several PhD students, Postdocs, and Engineers to work on the topic of this project, or more generally on anything related to

  • knowledge bases
  • natural language processing
  • automated reasoning
  • knowledge representation
  • data mining / rule mining / schema mining
  • information extraction
  • schema alignment / knowledge base alignment
  • representatiom learning for text and/or sentiment analysis
  • human-agent interaction
  • social computing

… with applications, for example, in

  • the analysis of fake news
  • chatbots, conversational agents, and vocal assistants
  • fraud detection
  • the analysis of the e-reputation of a company

The starting date can be anywhere around September or later. In the ideal case, the PhD would be preceded by a 3-6 month internship. Engineering positions will open only later in the project.


Télécom Paris is an engineering school near Paris, France. These schools are the more competitive variant of universities in the public education system of France, with student admission ratios of around 5%-10% (see Wikipedia). The school was founded in 1878, and prides itself to have invented the word “telecommunication”. The school is located in Palaiseau, about 45 minutes south of Paris by public transport. It is also part of the compound university Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

Our team is the DIG Team, and we do research in Big Data, Knowledge Bases (KBs), Social Web, Web Data, Data Streams, and Cognition. In particular, we co-develop the YAGO knowledge base, one of the largest knowledge bases on the Semantic Web.

Working Conditions

The PhD positions are full-time positions for 3 years (at around 1500 EUR net per month). The postdoc and engineering positions are for 1-2 years (at around 2000 EUR net per month).

The PhD and Postdoc positions are not bound to deliverables. The candidates will be able to devote their entire time to research. It is possible to do teaching, though, if the candidates so desire.


To apply, please upload

  1. your CV named firstname-lastname-CV.pdf. Make sure it contains your email address.
  2. your motivation letter named firstname-lastname-motivation.pdf.
  3. for PhD candidates: your transcript of records, named firstname-lastname-transcript.pdf.

at this address. This is a first test of your computer science skills 😉 The interface will show a small checkmark next to the file when it has been uloaded — no need to upload it several times and no need to write an email.

There is no fixed deadline, we will continue accepting applications until suitable candidates have been found. You will receive an acknowledgment of your application by email within a week’s time.

For questions, please contact Fabian M. Suchanek.